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Family name Dates and areas of interest
ADAMS Rodney Stoke, Somerset, before 1775
ANDREWS Ilfracombe, Devon, before 1750
ANSTEE Doynton, Codrington, Gloucestershire [also Anstey]
APSY Tintinhull, Somerset, before 1750 [also Apsey]
AYTON Itteringham area, Norfolk
BAITEY Bishopwearmouth, Durham, 1800-1860, and Wallsend NLD, before 1850
BAKER Yate, Gloucestershire
BARBER Wangford, Suffolk
BARWICK Itteringham, Wickmere, Norfolk, 1750-1850
BEATON Montacute, Tintinhull, Somerset
BIRD Stokesley, North Yorkshire, before 1750
BISHOP Doynton, Cold Ashton, Gloucestershire
BLACKBURN Blickling, Norfolk, before 1775 [also Blackbone]
BOWES Kirkleavington, North Yorkshire, before 1750
BRAIN Siston, Gloucestershire
BRANSBY Settrington, East Yorkshire, before 1750
BREAM Reydon, Suffolk, before 1750
BRECILIE Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1625
BROOKS Suffolk, around 1850
BROWN Wickmere, Norfolk, before 1800
BRYANT Bitton, Gloucestershire
BUCK Corpusty, Norfolk
BUTT Wookey, Somerset and Alresford, Hampshire
CACAMOLE Monk Soham, Suffolk [also Cattermole]
CAMFIELD All East Anglia, Canada, North Yorkshire 1800-1850
CARD Rodney Stoke, Somerset
CARPENTER Keynsham, Somerset
CHALLIS Mountnessing, Essex, before 1800 [also Chalice]
CHAMBERS Blyford, Frostenden, Suffolk, before 1750
CHANT Montacute, Somerset, before 1800
CHAPMAN Corpusty, Norfolk
CHIPPERFIELD City of London, 1750-1850
CHURCHILL Siston, Gloucestershire
CLOGG Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1575
COLE Yate, Gloucestershire [also Coal]
COTEHOUSE Malton area, North Yorkshire, before 1750
COULSON Wintringham, East Yorkshire, before 1750
COX City of London, 1750-1850, Donnington, Berkshire, before 1700, and Chelwood, Somerset, before 1650
DALE Settrington, East Yorkshire, before 1700
DALLIN Ilfracombe, Berrynarbor, Devon
DAVISON Corpusty, Norfolk, before 1800
DIXON Egton, Old Malton, North Yorkshire, before 1750
DOWSON Danby, North Yorkshire, before 1600
DRYDEN Muggleswick, Durham, before 1750
DUNNINGTON Settrington, East Yorkshire, before 1700
DYER Keynsham, Gloucestershire
EDLIN Aston Tirrold, Basildon, Berkshire
EDWARDS Ilfracombe, Devon, before 1850
EVANS Draycott and Cheddar, Somerset, around 1800
FERRIBY Hinderwell, North Yorkshire
FILBANK Wrentham, Reydon, Suffolk, before 1800
FLEMING Barnstaple and Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1675
FOLEY Newport, Monmouthshire and Cork, Ireland
FORD Keynsham, Somerset, before 1750
FRANK North Yorkshire Moors area
GARBOTE Stokesley, North Yorkshire, before 1700 [also Garbutt]
GODSAVE Writtle, Mountnessing and Willingale Doe, Essex [also Godsoff, Godsafe]
GOLD Heanton Puncharden, Devon, before 1700
GOSLING Barnby and Carlton Colville, Suffolk
GRAY Donnington, Berkshire, before 1675
GREGORY Keynsham, Somerset and Bucklebury, Berkshire, before 1750
GRIFFIN Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1750
HALL Bishopwearmouth, Durham, North Yorkshire
HARDING Doynton and Bitton, Gloucestershire, before 1750
HARPER Escomb, Durham, before 1675
HARRIS Keynsham, Somerset
HARRISON Whitby, North Yorkshire, before 1800
HARVEY Oldland, Gloucestershire
HAWES Itteringham, Norfolk, before 1800
HEALY Cork, Ireland
HOCKEY Montacute, Somerset
HOOPER Heanton Puncharden, Devon, before 1650
HORSELEN Writtle, Essex [also Horslen]
INCLEDON Ilfracombe and Heanton Puncharden, Devon, before 1775
JACKSON Great Smeaton, North Yorkshire
JANOLLS Keynsham, Somerset, before 1750
JEFFERIS Bitton, Gloucestershire
JOHNSON Danby, North Yorkshire, before 1700 [also Joneson]
JONES Llantilio Crossenny, Penrhos, Monmouthshire
JUEL Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1600
LACY North Yorkshire Moors area
LAIDLER Bishopwearmouth, Durham, 1800-1860, and Wallsend NLD, before 1850
LANE Rodney Stoke, Somerset
LAWELLEN Ilfracombe, Devon, before 1600 [also Lewellen]
LEAR Hanham, Bitton, Gloucestershire
MAHER Newport, Monmouthshire
MANTHORPE South Norfolk
MEAKER Tintinhull, Somerset [also Maker]
MOGFORD Taunton, Somerset
MONKMAN Malton area, North Yorkshire, before 1800
OLLIS Keynsham, Somerset
PENNOCK Whitby, North Yorkshire, before 1775
PIERCY Rillington area, East Yorkshire
PINKER Bitton, Gloucestershire
PLANT Monk Soham, Suffolk, before 1750
POKE Wookey, Somerset
PRIDDLE Tintinhull, Somerset
PROSSER Rockfield, Llangattock Vibon Avel, Penrose, Monmouthshire
PUGSLEY Ilfracombe, Devon, before 1800
RACE Rillington, East Yorkshire, before 1820
REED Berrynarbor, Heanton Puncharden, Devon, before 1675
REYNOLDS Halstead, Essex
RICHARD Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1600
ROBERTS Carlton Colville, Suffolk, before 1800
ROBINSON Skelton, North Yorkshire, before 1725
ROGERS Trevethin, Monmouthshire and Ilfracombe, Devon
ROUSWELL Keynsham, Somerset, before 1600
RUD Danby, North Yorkshire, before 1700 [also Rudd]
SANDERSON Kirkleavington, North Yorkshire
SAUNDERS Keynsham, Somerset
SAYER Hutton Rudby area, North Yorkshire
SCAMPE Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1575
SCORFIELD Whitby, North Yorkshire
SHAW Kirby-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire
SHEPPARD Keynsham, Somerset, before 1800
SHIELD Tytherington, Gloucestershire, before 1750
SHOTTLE Cork, Ireland [also Shorthall]
SMALLWOOD All UK (especially North Yorkshire), all periods
SMITH Kelvedon, Essex, before 1775
SMURTHWAITE North Yorkshire [also Smurfoot]
SNOWDON Stokesley, North Yorkshire
SNOWLING Fressingfield, Suffolk
SOMER Berrynarbor, Devon, before 1600
STABLER Bulmer, North Yorkshire, before 1750
STEPHENSON Whitby, North Yorkshire, before 1750
STIMPSON Corpusty, Norfolk
STONEHOUSE Hinderwell, North Yorkshire, before 1700
STOWER Tintinhull, Somerset
TATTERDALE Tintinhull, Somerset, before 1725
TAYLOR Whitby, North Yorkshire, before 1800
THOMAS Ilfracombe, Devon, before 1750
THOMPSON Skelton, North Yorkshire, before 1750
TIPPING Bishop Auckland, Durham, before 1500
TOES North Yorkshire
TOPLIS Hinderwell, North Yorkshire, before 1650
TOVEY Blaenavon, Monmouthshire
TURNER Toft Monks, Norfolk
UNDERWOOD North Yorkshire
VINEYARD Frostenden, South Cove, Suffolk
WALLIN Midgham, Bucklebury, Berkshire
WALTER Westerleigh, Gloucestershire [also Walters]
WARNES Corpusty, Norfolk, before 1800
WATERSON Aylmerton, Norfolk, before 1750
WATKINS Bitton, Gloucestershire, before 1800
WHERRET Egton, Old Malton, Yorkshire
WHITE Ilfracombe, Devon, before 1700
WILKIN Great Baddow, Essex, before 1875
WILLIAMS Keynsham, Somerset and Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire
WILLINGTON Keynsham, Somerset
WILSON Wolsingham, Durham, before 1700
WILTON Hinderwell, North Yorkshire and Montacute, Somerset
WINTER North Yorkshire, Newport, Monmouthshire and Hillcommon (near Taunton), Somerset
WINYARD Frostenden, South Cove, Suffolk
WOOD Yedingham, East Yorkshire
WOODLEY Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire, before 1750
WREN North Yorkshire, Durham, 1200-date
WYATT Barnstaple and Ilfracombe, Devon, before 1675
YEOLLAND Barnstaple, Devon, before 1650
YOUNGMAN Toft Monks, Norfolk and Wangford and Monk Soham, Suffolk

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