This page is dedicated to the history of two separate branches of the Winter family, in Skelton, North Yorkshire and Hill Common, Somerset.

The Winter name in England probably derives primarily from an Old English or Scandinavian nickname for someone of a gloomy or frosty temperament. It is widespread across most of eastern and southern England, but less well represented in the west Midlands, Wales and Scotland.

Skelton, North Yorkshire

Warrington Winter was born around 1759-60 and married Elizabeth Sayer at Kirby-in-Cleveland on 9th April 1786. Their descendants multiplied in North Yorkshire and also spread to Canada and Australia. An outline of the top of the tree and the related researchers is currently included as part of the Sayer family website. Despite extensive research in the North Yorkshire area and the unusualness of Warrington's name, his origins so far remain obscure. Any suggestions in this area would be very much appreciated. 

Another Winter family, apparently unconnected, flourished in nearby Lythe. A brief outline of one descendant line is attached.

Hill Common, near Taunton, Somerset

William Winter, the son of William and Sarah Winter, was born in Hill Common, Somerset around 1826-1829. He married Sarah Mogford at Bridgwater on 26th May 1849 but left Somerset for Newport, Monmouthshire (probably following his wife's uncle) in the late 1850's. The earlier history of this branch of the Winter family so far remains unclear.


Anyone interested in further details of these branches of the Winter family, or who is able to provide additional details relevant to them, is invited to contact the coordinator for this page Ian Hall.


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