This page is dedicated to the history of the branch of the Edlin family from the area around Basildon in Berkshire.

The Edlin name appears to have a long and interesting history stretching back to William Fitz Adeline de Burgh, and a notable continuous (and armigerous) line is purported to stretch down from him to the Reverend Philip Edlin, parson of Pinner in Middlesex during the period of the English Civil War, although there are plenty of gaps in the picture. Descendants of this line emigrated to the USA where they kept detailed family records, and the family has been extensively researched and documented by Crolian Edelen of New Jersey among others. A good overview of the Maryland Edelens and their descendants is provided by the Edelen Genealogy site.

By 1881, the Edlin name had virtually died out in the UK, and it is hard to deduce much about the early distribution of the name from the extant families. Roughly 40% of the 1881 Edlins came from London and Surrey, with another 40% centred on Leicestershire and the East Midlands. An additional pocket of around 10% of the total survived in Glamorganshire in Wales.

An early family of Edlins appeared in Basildon in Berkshire in the 1620's and flourished in the area down into the 18th century, and this line is the focus of this site. An outline tree of the descendants of John Edling of Basildon (fl.1630's) is attached.


Anyone interested in further details of this branch of the Edlin family, or who is able to provide additional details relevant to this branch, is invited to contact the coordinator for this page Ian Hall.


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