This page is dedicated to the history of two separate branches of the Wilton family, in Hinderwell, North Yorkshire and Montacute, Somerset.

The name Wilton is spread fairly thinly and evenly across England and appears to derive from a variety of places of that name. There is a fairly high concentration in Cornwall and also elsewhere in the south-west (notably Somerset, Devon and Wiltshire), and another focal point in the East Midlands (centred on Derbyshire and Leicestershire). Unusually, given that there are several Wilton villages in Yorkshire, the concentration of the name in the north-east was pretty low by 1881.

Hinderwell, North Yorkshire

The name of this branch of the Wilton family probably derives from the village of Wilton, North Yorkshire, just across the moors from Hinderwell. This line currently commences with Thomas Wilton, buried 4th March 1606/07 in Hinderwell. His descendants flourished in Hinderwell down to the mid-1750's (and probably beyond), when our own line moved to Saltburn, North Yorkshire in the person of Andrew Wilton (1730-1814), fisherman. His daughter Elizabeth married into the Wren family. An outline of the top of the tree and related researchers is attached.

Montacute, Somerset

Our interest is in the family of Jane (alias Jean / Joan) Wilton who married Luke Hockey on 3rd August 1801 at Montacute.

The Wilton family of Montacute has been the subject of a specialist study by descendants in New Zealand and others.


Anyone interested in further details of these branches of the Wilton family, or who is able to provide additional details relevant to them, is invited to contact the coordinator for this page Ian Hall.


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