This page is dedicated to the history of the branch of the Sanderson family from Kirkleavington, North Yorkshire

Sanderson is a common surname in the north-east of England and Scotland, and is generally held to be of Scandinavian origin (son of Alexander).

A relatively affluent Sanderson family lived in Low Worsall in North Yorkshire in the 17th century, and may well have been ancestral to some of the later lines which flourished locally. 

The Sanderson family appears to have had a presence in Kirkleavington from an early date, but the destruction of the early registers during a flood of the Tees in the 18th century has made it difficult to push the line back beyond John Sanderson who married Jane Bowes on 20th November 1692. This branch of the Sanderson family remained in Kirkleavington over the following 150 years, but afterwards dissipated, moving to Lythe, Hinderwell and Middlesbrough. An outline of the top of the tree and the connections of the various researchers is attached. A currently unconnected parallel line of Simon Sandersons in Kirkleavington, beginning around 1700, has been tentatively documented and is being researched by Dorothy Barker.

A number of other branches of the Sanderson family were represented nearby, but so far appear to be unconnected. One line which has been well researched is the descendants of Robert Sanderson who married Jane Scarth in 1691 in Stainton. This family flourished in Stainton, Great Ayton, Sockburn and Kirkby in Cleveland, with one branch moving to Kirkleavington, possibly suggesting a link to the family described above. There were also local Sanderson families at Hemlington (John buried 1743) and Hilton. There were also a significant number of Sandersons, many of whom appear to be connected, in the Moors area around Liverton, Hinderwell, Lythe and Danby, and work is in progress to piece together a more comprehensive picture of these families.

A note of other Sanderson interests in the North-East area is also attached.

Anyone interested in further details of these branches of the Sanderson family, or who is able to provide additional relevant material, is invited to contact the coordinator for this page Ian Hall.


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