This page summarises notable additions and amendments to the site after 17th June, 2003.

Date Summary of changes
15 Jun 2015 Updated contact details for Jane Owens on London tree
12 Sep 2012 Page added for Thirsk branch, and additional notes on DNA evidence on Gissing page
9 Feb 2012 Comprehensive revision of the outline of the early Gissing family, updated link for Ayton Family Society
15 Nov 2010 Additional generations added to Chris Ayton's section of Attleborough tree
10 Sep 2010 New researcher (Richard James) added to general interests page
7 Sep 2009 New researcher (Angela Stephenson) added to Attleborough tree
29 Apr 2009 Note of Guild of One Name Studies registration added to main page
1 Dec 2008 Significant new details relating to the origins of the line added to the Gissing tree
12 Aug 2008 Further details added to Diss page
30 Jul 2008 Note of new researcher (David O'Byrne) added to Diss page
22 May 2008 New researcher added to general interests page (Petrina Hartland)
29 Feb 2008 New researcher (David Oliver) added to Itteringham tree
14 Jan 2008 New researcher (Jennie Denton) added to Itteringham tree (position revised 30 Jan)
8 Jan 2008 New researcher (Gary Ayton) added to Syderstone tree, new page added for Thanet line
15 Nov 2007 Contact details for Brian Ayton updated (Gissing tree)
6 Sep 2007 Note of new researcher (Valerie) of Hacon name added to Diss page
14 May 2007 New researcher (Jesse Ayton) added to Itteringham tree
2 May 2007 New researcher (Jim Broughton) added to Itteringham tree
27 Apr 2007 New page added on the Atton family of Rutland
26 Apr 2007 Updated description of publication of Bill Ayton's book
26 Feb 2007 New researcher (Pam Ayton) added to Attleborough tree
19 Apr 2006 New page added for family of Ayton bankers from Macclesfield, Cheshire and London
22 Feb 2006 Correction of links and addition of new researcher (Chris Ayton) to Chediston tree
19 Dec 2005 New researcher added to Syderstone page (Patricia Mexted, removed from general page)
16 Dec 2005 New researcher added to general interests page (Patricia Mexted)
18 Oct 2005 New researcher added to Syderstone tree (Leonie Keen)
1 Aug 2005 Updates to Syderstone tree from Angela Harris
22 Feb 2005 Updating of details of Dave Ayton's interest
25 Jan 2005 New interest added to Halesworth page
15 Nov 2004 New researcher added to London tree
2 Nov 2004 Page added for London tree
28 Sep 2004 Link to Ayton Family Society website added to main page
20 Mar 2004 Abstract of William Byron Ayton's forthcoming book added
6 Jan 2004 New researcher added to Itteringham tree
9 Nov 2003 Minor modifications made to tree of Charles and Elizabeth Ayton of Shimpling on Gissing tree page
15 Oct 2003 New interest added, additional notes on potential family of Charles and Rachel Ayton of Shimpling, Diss page added
13 Oct 2003 Expanded description of Halesworth / Chediston tree and addition of outline descendant chart with link from updated Braintree page. Addition of outline tree for Syderstone branch and update of related Syderstone page.
4 Aug 2003 New researcher on Itteringham tree, connection of Braintree tree and Chris Ayton (Sussex) to Chediston tree, addition of placeholders for new trees (Diss, London, Thanet, Thirsk) and 'about this site ...' link to main page, initial Ayton index overview page
9 Jul 2003 General update of Attleborough tree (including new research interest)
17 Jun 2003 Minor modification to child order on Gissing tree, addition of page on Aytons of Braintree area, Essex

This page was last updated 15 June 2015