The following original records have been searched by various researchers for Priddles in the past. Where online transcripts, indices or summaries are available they are attached. Anyone who has carried out additional original research not listed below is encouraged to send details to Ian Hall for inclusion.

General review

This review is intended to give an overview of Priddle research to date, and is based on my own current knowledge. I would be grateful for any corrections or additions to the following account, and apologise for any errors of understanding. 

Sydney Ronald (Ron) Priddle carried out extensive research into the Priddle family in Somerset, drawing up a number of Priddle family trees (denoted PFT's), and his research notes are now in the possession of John Priddle (Worcester Park, Surrey). Robin Priddle computerised much of Ron's research, possibly adding his own material, and set up a Priddle one-name society (now defunct). Ken Smith compiled a spreadsheet of Somerset Priddle events, initially drawing on Robin's computer summaries. John Priddle (London, then Worcester Park, Surrey) independently researched the Priddles of Devon, and has carried out substantial research on the family, partly in coordination with Ron, over the last 40 years. Several summary charts and trees originating with the above researchers circulated among other researchers and formed the basis for their later versions of the tree. Independent research on the Tintinhull and Kingsbury trees has also been carried out by Ian Hall and Ken Priddle (Canada), and probably others. Several Australian researchers have worked on the various Priddle lines which emigrated to Australia, and there are extensive antipodean Priddle trees in existence. The availability of various transcripts of local records via the internet (courtesy primarily of Duncan Weir and Sarah Hawkins) has enabled many researchers to cross-check some of the older summaries, and a fair number of independently maintained summary trees for various branches of the Priddles are now in existence.

General indices

Ken Smith's spreadsheet (mentioned above) summarises many Priddle events in Somerset.
Frank Rae has constructed a consolidated list of many Priddle events in Somerset, drawn from a variety of sources.

Parish registers

An overview of the coverage of indices and searchable online transcripts for the parishes of south Somerset has been prepared, and a summary map is available on the Somerset portion of this website, although it remains a work in progress.

Parish Description Form of record Dates Researcher Notes
Tintinhull Baptisms, burials Original 1655-1812 Ian Hall
Marriages Transcript 1561-1812 Ian Hall
Marriages Original (fiche) 1837-1903 Ian Hall
Stoke sub Hamdon Baptisms Transcript 1558-1699 Ian Hall Only 1625 Agnes d/o Christopher & Repe
Baptisms Transcript 1720-1812 Ian Hall No Priddles
Marriages Transcript 1599-1699 Ian Hall Two entries 1624 Unknown of Tintinhull = Repentance Johnson, 1643 John = Mary Chaffie
Burials Transcript 1721-1812 Ian Hall No Priddles
Norton sub Hamdon Baptisms Transcript 1558-1837 Ian Hall No Priddles
Marriages Transcript 1558-1850 Ian Hall Only 1686 Elizabeth of Tintinhull parish = Aminadab Baylye
Burials Transcript 1558-1850 Ian Hall No Priddles

A range of registers for the parishes of south Somerset, filmed by the LDS, have been reviewed by Ken Priddle (Canada), and details will be published here shortly.

Bishop's transcripts

Ian Hall has reviewed the early Tintinhull Bishop's Transcripts, and details will be incorporated here shortly.

A variety of Bishop's Transcripts for the parishes of south Somerset have been reviewed by Ken Priddle (Canada), and details will be published here shortly.

The piecemeal copies of early Somerset Bishop's Transcripts published in Dwelly's Parish Records (Vol 2) were also reviewed for the following parishes :

Parish Dates included Notes
Tintinhull 1598, 1609,13,17,21,23 Five Priddle entries 1598, 1613
Montacute 1598, 1605,07,10,39,95 No Priddles
Stoke sub Hamdon 1621,23 No Priddles
Isle Abbotts 1593-94,98, 1604,06,08-09,35,79 Bap only 1595, 1616 No Priddles
Muchelney 1620 (or 29),23,39,95-96 Two Priddle entries 1695-97

Churchwardens' accounts

The published copy of the earlier Tintinhull churchwardens' accounts (1430-1560) was reviewed by Ian Hall, and a series of notes of the principal Priddle family references were extracted.

Family papers and deeds

Somerset Record Office holds a series of documents recorded as the 'Papers of the Priddles of Tintinhull', principally comprising property related records such as conveyances, leases and deeds. These are in the SRO catalogue items DD/AT/1-4 and 7. A range of these papers were reviewed (fairly superficially) by Ian Hall in 1990 and 1991, including most of DD/AT/ 1, 2 and 7, and a series of notes is attached.

Hearth tax

The published version (Dwelly's National Records I (1916), with index) of the 1664-5 Hearth Tax returns for Somerset were reviewed by Ian Hall. There are no Priddle references throughout the county, although I've yet to check whether the Tintinhull returns survived and were included.

Lay subsidy

The published version (Somerset Record Society III) of the Exchequer Lay Subsidy Tax Roll of 1 Edward III (1327-28) for Somerset was reviewed by Ian Hall. Both the surname index and the actual entries for the hundred of 'Tyntenhulle cum Mountagu', 'Cory Ryvel', 'Kyngesbury', 'Corymalet' and 'Ile Abbatis' were searched for Priddle, Bretell and all know variants, but no references were found anywhere in the county.


Some form of index to wills at Somerset Record Office was consulted by Ian Hall in 1991, and four Priddle references were recorded (1546-1734). The book of 'Abstracts of Wells Wills (1528-1536)' based of the first two books of wills at Wells, by Frederic William Weaver MA (1890), was also reviewed and no Priddle references were found.

Inquisitions post Mortem

The published summary of Somerset Inquisitions post Mortem (1216-1485) by Edward Alexander Fry was reviewed by Ian Hall, and no Priddles found.

Bishop's Visitation

The published copy (Somerset Record Society 1998) of Bishop Still's 1594 ecclesiastical visitation of Somerset (and the 'Smale Book' of the Somerset Clerk of the Peace 1593-5) was reviewed by Ian Hall and no Priddle references were found.


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