The earlier accounts, as published in Somerset Record Series Vol. IV (1430-1560), notes made by Ian Hall June 1991. These notes are not an exhaustive extract of the full form of all Priddle references (which are extensive due to the family's role as churchwardens), but were made to highlight the principal names mentioned and the historical continuity of the name. At some stage it may be desirable to produce a fuller online summary, and anyone possessing more detailed notes is invited to publish them here.

Date Notes
1437-38 Thome Brytell expenses
1463-64 T Predyll warden
1464-65 J Prydell warden, Agnete Bretyll mentioned
1465-67 Peter Bretell warden
1473-76 Joh. Bul. & Thos. Prydell began to be Proctors at M'mas till M'mas next, succeeding Trent & Stacy
1479-80 Rec. It. for the wife of Peter Prettyll for a goyn [gown]
abt 1482 It. de Roberto Pridyll ad orandum  xij d
1483-84 R Prydyll warden
1497-98 Rec. Et de brasina ... in domo pandoxeterii W Predel viiij d
1501-02 Exp. Secunda per manus W Prydell et J Bawnton et adduxerunt de incremento xiiij s x d
1503-04 Rec. It. de W Prydell pro una brasina brasiata in domo pandoxaterii hoc am. viiij d
1504-06 William Predyll warden
1507-08 Rec. pro una vacca vendita donata per Elizabeta Prydell x s
1507-08 Exp. It. one rynge ex dono Elizabet Prydell
1518-19 W Prydell warden
1532 J Prydell warden
1532 Inc. rec. special contributions to building the Church house de T Prydell iii s iiij d, de J Prydell xx d
1533 Thomas & John Prydell wardens
1538-39 T Prydell warden
1540-41 J Prydell warden
abt 1557 Recd. Jo. Pryddell & Jo. Stybbs xlvj s


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