These records form Somerset Record Office series DD/AT/1-4 and 7. The notes below were extracted during a fairly superficial review of some of the papers by Ian Hall during 1990 and 1991, and there are probably additional references available along with others from the Napper family papers. The Somerset Record Office has now made digitised and searchable abstracts of most of these papers available online. The series is a general collection of deeds, conveyances, leases and other estate papers. At some stage it may be desirable to produce a fuller online summary, and anyone possessing more detailed notes is invited to publish them here.

Reference Date Notes
DD/AT/2 1713 Lease : William Priddle of Tintinhull, Yeoman, son and heir of John Priddle of Tintinhull, Yeoman, deceased & Lucy his wife, also mentioning Mary Rugh, sister of William
DD/AT/2 1732 Indenture : William Priddle, Yeoman, son of John Priddle late Yeoman, son of Christopher Priddle
DD/AT/2 1761 Will of Andrew Napper of Tintinhull
DD/AT/7 1769 99 year lease : John Napper to Henry Priddle junr, mentions Henry Priddle, William Priddle, Edward Priddle [copy made]
DD/AT/7 1770 John Napper & Thomas Priddle [references for this section also recorded as G/126]
DD/AT/7 1770 John Napper & Edward Beaton
DD/AT/7 1772 99 year lease : Andrew Napper & Henry Priddle junr, mentions Henry Priddle aged 30, Betty Meaker aged 22, Henry Priddle
DD/AT/1 1773 John Priddle & Rebecca left land in Tintinhull to nephews William & Samuel Beaton in trust for John Beaton (s/o William)
DD/AT/1 1790's Lots of documents relating to Phelips / Napper / Arbuthnot etc
DD/AT/1 1792 Conveyance of manor of Tintinhull
DD/AT/7 1793 Admiral Arbuthnot & William Priddle
DD/AT/1 1793 Lease : William Beaton of Tintinhull & Mary his wife and Samuel Beaton of Martock & c.
DD/AT/1 1797 Conveyance : William Priddle & Anne his wife G/126


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