The following index to house styles broadly follows the categorisation provided by Tom Affleck Greeves in "Bedford Park, the first garden suburb", although additional sub-classifications have been added (in capitals) to highlight the features of individual properties from his descriptions.

D = detached houses, SD = semi-detached, T = terraced, * = attribution only on stylistic or other evidence, ? = debatable attribution
Style Description Architect Other notes
D1 Corner house, first type built Godwin  
D1(a) Corner house, without gable over single storey bay Godwin / Wilson  
D2 Detached house, first of Shaw's published designs Shaw  
D3 Detached house, variants on D2 Shaw  
D4 Small detached house with built out 'cottage' feature Shaw *  
D4-E As D4, but enlarged at a later date Shaw *  
D4(a) As D4, but with hip instead of front second-floor window Shaw * / Wilson *  
D4(b) Similar to D4 but front elevation and stair modified May *  
D5 With mansard roof to accommodate a 2nd floor studio Shaw *  
D6 Long house on a narrow frontage under a single pitched roof Shaw *  
D6-V Possible variation on D6 Shaw *  
D7 Large two-storied cottage on a wide frontage Wilson  
D8 Very small two-storied cottage with elaborate bay window Wilson  
D9 Corner house of the period after May became estate architect May *  
D10 Very small two-storey and sometimes tile-hung cottage May ? Adams ?  
SD1 Two-storied bay with gable over on brackets Godwin  
SD2 Elevations in brick with little 'sunflower' motifs Coe & Robinson  
SD3 First design for Bedford Park Shaw  
SD4(a) As published, with gabled ends and long staircase window Shaw  
SD4(b) With hipped ends and side dormers Shaw  
SD5 Plain brick elevation and small front bay Shaw  
SD5(a) Side elevation has a projection towards the back Shaw / May *  
SD6 Same plan as SD5, with two-storied front bay with timber gable Shaw  
SD6(a) Modification of SD6 May ?  
SD7 Same plan as SD5, with elaborate 3-storey 'Flemish' gabled bay Shaw  
SD8 Two-storied semi-detached cottage with semi-dormers and pitched roof May ?  
SD9 Large, with side entrance and two rooms on the front. 'Dutch' gables May *  
SD9-S Straight gabled variant on SD9 May *  
SD10 Very plain large type with side entrance, two front rooms, no ornamentation May *  
T1 As 24-30 Woodstock Road Shaw  
T1(a) As T1, with four storeys Shaw  
T2 As 17-27 (odd) Bath Road Shaw *  
T3   May *  
T4 Alternating bays with bracketed gables and plain brick with 'Dutch' gables May *  
T5 Cornice instead of parapet May *  
T6 Very small two-storied cottage type May *  
T7 Alternating gable designs May  
T8 Alternating brick and rendered treatment May  
T9 Elaborate brick, tile and rendered treatment, with plaster swags May *