This page is dedicated to the history of the branch of the Sayer family from Hutton Bonville near Northallerton, North Yorkshire.


Hutton Bonville, in the parish of Northallerton, lies about 6 miles from High Worsall, where resided the SAYERS, a significant landed Catholic family in the 15th-16th centuries with property and manors throughout North Yorkshire and Durham. The Hutton Bonville branch of the Sayer family (also variously spelt as Sayre/Saire/Saier), is believed to be descended from the Worsall Sayers, via one Lancelot Sayre, though the exact lineage has still to be ascertained.

John Pearson Sayer (1901-1984) conducted an enormous amount of meticulous research into the Sayer families of Yorkshire and London in the 1970s and is linked to the Hutton Bonville Sayers via his ancestor William Sayer’s marriage to Margaret Feetham, William being the nephew of Michael Sayer (1742-1806) from whom researcher Laurel Sayer is descended.  Some of JP Sayer’s articles were published in the Yorkshire Family History Society Magazine and the Catholic Ancestor, and  his daughter Gillian, who took custody of his research material on his death, was kind enough to share it with researcher Harry Simpson Sayer. That material formed the basis for much of the later research carried out by Harry, Laurel , and others and much of it has now been published elsewhere on this website.  The aim of these notes is therefore to offer readers a more intimate picture of one particular branch of the family.

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Summary of Researchers

Descendant line

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No personal descent

Harry Sayer


John Sayer ( 1734-1814)

John P Sayer ( dec )



Michael Sayer (1742-1806)

Laurel Sayer


John Sayer (1734-1814)

Jill Brown








Anyone interested in further details of this branch of the Sayer family, or who is able to provide additional details relevant to this branch, is invited to contact the coordinator for this page Laurel Sayer.


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