By 1881, London represented the principal concentration of the Priddle name outside of the south-west of England, and the name appears to have had an independent history there since at least the beginning of the 18th century.

Apart from a few sporadic references, the Priddle family first appear in London with the settlement of a family of Paridelles (probably Huguenots) in Spitalfields in the late 1600's. It is as yet unclear whether this family was ancestral to any of the later London Priddles.

A number of Priddle families are recorded in the IGI from the mid-18th century, including two generations of Leo Priddles, a name unknown in the Somerset branches of the family, which may point to an alternative origin for these lines. At least one of these Leos appears as a linen draper, an occupation suggestive of a potential Huguenot link. The descendants of Leo Priddle (1737-1797) have been researched by Len Priddle of New Zealand, and remained largely in the London area up until the early 20th century when the principal male representative emigrated to New Zealand. NEW DEVELOPMENT During 2009, Len Priddle succeeded in finding the 1737 baptism of the first Leo Priddle of London in Frome, Somerset, thus establishing an origin for this line close to the main concentration of early Priddles. There is some evidence that a branch of Priddle clothiers (possibly originally from Tintinhull) was settled in Frome in the 17th century, and research continues to elaborate on the history of this line.

An Edward Priddle born around 1780 in Middlesex or London married Frances Windibank in 1806 at St. James' Westminster and initiated another substantial line of Priddles in the London area which has been extensively researched by Janet Drane. Some members of this family later changed their name to Preddle, and this is also the family of Barry Preddle in New Zealand.

The family of Charles Sydney Priddle (b. Bermondsey 1880) is being researched by Bob Prettyjohns.

The family of Charles Frederic Priddle (b. St. George Hanover Square 1791) is being researched by Nic Brokenshire.

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