A branch of the Priddle family flourished in the area around South Petherton, Kingsbury Episcopi and East Lambrook, Somerset from the late 1600's, descendants of Samuel and Mary Priddle. An outline of the top of the tree and the connections of the various researchers is attached.

It seems most likely that this Samuel Priddle was the one baptised at Kingsbury Episcopi in 1678, the son of Samuel Priddle and Ann (nee Ostler), who married there in 1674 (most researchers agree on 22nd December). There are no earlier references to the Priddles in the Kingsbury registers, and some researchers have linked this older Samuel to the Samuel Priddy  baptised at Shepton Beauchamp (some list South Petherton) in 1643, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth. However, a more likely explanation seems to be that he was the son of John and Mary Priddle of  Tintinhull (see Tintinhull tree), mentioned in John's 1659 will, although no baptism record survives. This possibility would connect the Kingsbury line into the Tintinhull tree, and explain the apparent earlier absence of Priddles outside of Tintinhull.

It should be noted, however, that other researchers have linked the youngest Samuel to the one baptised in 1675 in Tintinhull, the son of George and Mary Priddle (see Tintinhull tree). While this seems plausible, it also seems to ignore the existence of the earlier generations of Priddles in the Kingsbury / South Petherton area. This may be a topic worthy of further systematic research. Either way, given the proximity to Tintinhull, there seems a high probability that these two branches are ultimately linked. There is a useful map of the area, with some links, on the Male family website.

Nigel Batty-Smith's excellent website includes details of the substantial descendant tree for  Samuel Priddle (b. 1643, South Petherton), and a useful name index. This tree appears to have been provided by Jade Hazell, whose own website also includes an extensive (and slightly different) version of the combined Tintinhull / Kingsbury tree, although it relies on the link via Samuel (1675) which may well prove to be incorrect. A Mary Priddle of Kingsbury (noted on Nigel's site, but not firmly linked) married John Trott there in 1803, and initiated a substantial descendant line which has been researched by Jo Mitchell, whose Trott family web page contains additional details. Descendants of this line spread to London and Gloucestershire and emigrated to Tasmania and New South Wales.


If any researchers of this branch would like to include additional summary information or links on this page, they are very welcome to send them to Ian Hall.

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