A number of researchers share an interest in the tangled web of Brain families which inhabited the parishes east of Bristol. The regular movements of particular family lines across parish boundaries means that many genealogies must remain somewhat tentative pending a comprehensive and systematic review of all the Brain entries across the area, and it is hoped that this page might provide a focal point for such a study. The project has several components :

(i) To compile a summary of which local parish registers and subsidiary records have already been reviewed for the Brain name by various researchers, so as to help others to avoid revisiting old ground. The intention is to begin a summary of previous research on this page.
(ii) To pool all the related Brain family references into a central database (probably just a spreadsheet) so as to have an easily shareable central summary of what is known.
(iii) To cross-reference the database to a series of local Brain trees, with the aim of gradually improving our understanding of the family structure in the area and the remaining loose ends and areas for further research.

Anyone interested in participating in such a coordinated effort is encouraged to contact Ian Hall as outlined below. This is not intended to be an onerous commitment, but just a systematic background plan into which we can all periodically add the results of our work for the common good.

Marilyn Eade is now (2008) working on a project to summarise all the Brains in Gloucestershire in 1841, linking them where possible into a series of trees, and anyone who feels they may be able to help with this specific project is invited to get in touch.



Anyone who knows of other prior research relating to the family in this area is encouraged to forward details to Ian Hall.

This page was last updated 16 April 2008