The following original records are Norfolk wide sources which have been searched by various researchers for Aytons in the past. There are separate pages which summarise original research specific to the various family branches, including Itteringham. Where online transcripts, indices or summaries are available they are attached. Anyone who has carried out additional original research not listed below is encouraged to send details to Ian Hall for inclusion.

General indices

Parish registers

These are generally listed in the branch specific research summaries.

Lay subsidy

The returns for 1597 (transcribed and indexed by Geoff Lowe, Norfolk FHS, 1998) have been reviewed for Ayton and related entries by Ian Hall, yielding one Heydon and two Heidon only.

Hearth tax

All Ayton and related entries have been extracted from the indexed copy of the Michaelmas 1664 Hearth Tax returns for Norfolk published by the Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society (Vol 15, 1983). These included two Ayton, two Heydon, and one Hayden.


All Ayton and related entries have been extracted from the indices to Norwich Consistory Court wills (1370-1857, published by the Norfolk Record Society) by Ian Hall. These include Eton (6), Etton (2), Eyton, Heydon (14), Hayden, Hayton (4) and Ayton (7).

Books and other publications

Walter Rye's Norfolk Families (1913) has been reviewed for Ayton and related names by Ian Hall.


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